Michael and Robin Pratt and Family

Michael and Robin Pratt and Family


A love for the scenic beauty of Alaska brought Robin from New Mexico where she met and married a New Zealander, Michael Pratt. She worked as a registered nurse from 1978-1992 while Michael established his own business as a General Contractor. In December 1991 Michael was ordained a pastor at Abbott Loop Community Church.

The Pratts, with their 4 children, responded to a childhood commitment of Michael’s to serve in Africa. They moved to Swaziland in February 1992 to work at Emkhuzweni Health Center, a rural health clinic in northern Swaziland. His love for people drew Michael to pastor in the Holiness Union Church of Swaziland where he gained an understanding of the needs and issues affecting the people there. Robin worked as a nutrition teacher to mothers of malnourished children.

The crying needs from poor housing, poor nutrition, poverty, and lack of access to schooling touched the Pratt’s hearts. As they attempted to alleviate the effects of poverty over the years, the Pratts discovered how serious the burgeoning HIV/AIDS crisis was impacting their attempts to establish community development projects. Now their focus is on how they can mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on their neighbors and friends, and how they can prevent its spread.


Leadership For Africa (LFA) is a registered non-profit organization in Swaziland, southern Africa, as well as a 501 (c) (3) in Anchorage, Alaska where it was established in 1994. It is a grassroots effort run by LFA Field Directors, Robin, and Michael Pratt. Because of its impact on every aspect of life in Africa, they have been drawn into the fight against HIV/AIDS.


  • To rescue orphaned and abandoned children from a life of almost certain malnutrition, abuse/exploitation and, illiteracy by creating a safe, healthy environment for them to live.
  • To establish traditional networks that protect, nurture and provide for orphaned and abandoned children.
  • To develop income-generating programs and provide emergency food assistance for widows and impoverished women.
  • To develop a team that will intervene and break the vicious cycle of HIV infection.

In 2003, LFA purchased two identical houses on over 1.5 acres of land and established the Sandra Lee Center; a home for orphans and abandoned babies. In 2005, another 2.5 acres of land adjoining this property was purchased for development of more homes. There are currently three homes housing 21 children, but their 4th home will be opening in early  November 2008, making room for 8 more orphans. A fifth house is currently under construction, thereby allowing them eventually to be able to give 40 children homes.

In February 2005 LFA opened the Emkhuzweni Youth Zone/Community Partnership Center in northern Swaziland which has been established as a community-level response to the orphan and poverty crisis caused by HIV/AIDS.

LFA assists Women Who Care, a small group of women who are dedicated to caring for the smallest victims of the HIV/AIDS crisis at Mbabane Government Hospital.

Leadership for Africa relies heavily on contributions. In order to keep the programs running, we need more people to support us through donations.

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