Jim and Tanya Person and family

Jim and Tanya Person and family


Jim & Tanya both felt called to serve in ministry since before they married in June 1991.  They didn’t have a clear picture of where God would send them or what God’s time frame was for them.  They were actively serving God at ALCC and took their family on a short outreach trip to Mexico in 2001.

In Spring, 2002, they took their two oldest children and another family from their home group on an outreach trip to Hungary to visit Mary Jill Callery who is serving there.
Shortly before they went, they felt God was preparing them for a sudden change, but still did not know exactly what God had in mind.  The company where Jim was working went bankrupt and was bought out, and they knew that there was a good chance he would be laid off and receive a severance check.

While on the trip to Hungary, they shared with Mary Jill about what God was doing in their lives and she asked if they would consider moving to Hungary.  They said they definitely would if God told them to.  For a week they discussed what life would be like if they did move to Hungary, where they would live, what they would do, etc.

At the end of that week, they were at a house in the countryside and had a wonderful Hungarian gulyas soup.  After the meal, the group who were there sat around worshipping God, then entered into a time of prayer.  While they were praying, Tanya felt God spoke to her and said, “This is it!”  At the same time, God put it on Jim’s heart to pray that God would send workers to the harvest fields of Hungary, and he felt God speak to him and say, “I am…I’m sending you!”  With this word from God, they moved to Hungary in January 2003.   The rest is HIStory…as God has opened doors for us as stated below…


  • Ellel East Regional Nations – God has called us to make disciples in the nations, so we are filtering all that we do through that vision.  We currently have ministry into 10 nations that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. This area comprises 24 percent of the world’s land mass and is filled with people hungry for God’s Word and in need of His healing hand. Many in these nations to which we are invited are people who live in poverty and need. Hopelessness and despair is a common theme within these cultures, where alcohol and drugs is a common fix.
    We are now Assistant Directors with Ellel East Regional Nations which is part of a global ministry called Ellel Ministries International (www.ellelminstries.org), where we work with the Director to oversee managers, team members, and schools in the nations of Romania, Ukraine, Mongolia, Slovakia, Serbia, and others. This involves traveling to these nations and helping teach, through the power of the Holy Spirit, a 6-day basic discipleship school, a Healing & Counseling Modular school one weekend a month over 18 months, Healing retreats, and a longer 7-week school to those individuals who are called by God to minister deeper into the areas of inner healing.  All the schools are based on the “Hear, See, Do” method of teaching, where we teach, have demonstration ministry from the front, then have students minister to each other using the same methods learned in the schools.
    Our goal is to train pairs from many churches in these nations to go back to their home church and minister there under the authority of their pastors.
    Our hope is that eventually, we will train people in these nations to teach and train their own people. Ukraine is well on their way in this, as a team of 7 teach almost all the schools in Ukraine, in addition to running a video school.
  • International Church of Budapest –
    In April 2008 our church in Hungary went through a transformation when the pastor of 8 years resigned for health reasons. At that time, Jim, being a “trustee” was “thrust” into the leadership of the International Church of Budapest, where he quickly advised the other two trustees to bring others within the church on board.  We now are a part of a team of 10 who lead ICB under an apostolic covering. Because of the direction, we feel God wants us to lead the church in this season, we are not currently seeking a pastor, but are leading the church as a “Shepherding team” similar to how the church began in the book of Acts.
  • Short-term Missions –
    We assist short-term mission teams and individuals that come through Budapest by helping them arrange for travel and accommodations; often housing them in our home, and driving them around in our van.
  • Eastern European Ministry Seminars
    Through contacts made in Eastern Europe, we have invitations given to us (Tanya & Jim) to go teach and admonish groups through two-day ministry seminars.  We travel on our own to these locations and administer the love of God through instruction in God’s word, demonstration ministry, and compassion. This ministry began with an invite in November 2007 to teach a “Catholic group” of young people where Jim & Tanya were blessed by a Franciscan monk, complete with brown robe and sandals! We have also been given invites in Hungary to do a similar thing. Where this will go in the future, only God knows!
  • Prayer Ministry – In all our ministries we heavily rely on the Holy Spirit and the gifts given for ministry. Our entire demonstration ministry is lead by Words of Knowledge given to the team by the Holy Spirit. Our entire personal prayer ministry into inner healing of individuals is led by the Holy Spirit, which often leads to God healing people both physically and spiritually in these sessions. Without Him, we could do nothing! Contact us for testimonies of God’s healing from people in nations like Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Slovakia, Mongolia, Ukraine, and others!

Prayer Items

  • God’s provision for our family in our finances, we are under-funded for our basic budget
  • Our health
  • Help in our Ellel ministry, as we are way under-staffed and need administration help (workers are few…harvest is ripe!)
  • Wisdom, insight, understanding and grace as we work with other cultures.
  • Wisdom for future decisions involving family
  • Personal spiritual growth and strength to defeat the enemy’s attacks in our lives and our children’s lives
  • Increased contacts with churches  and pastors in the USA and other nations
  • Opportunities to teach “Answering Christ’s Call” discipleship school in USA.

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