Counseling & Recovery

Counseling & Recovery

Jesus Christ provides new life for all who come to him in faith. We recognize he has given the church as a place for nurturing and growth and that we have a responsibility to those among us who are suffering.


The first level of counseling for any Christian is fellow brothers and sisters. Typically, this kind of counsel is provided by those a person has come to know and trust in a small group setting.

For matters requiring more extensive evaluation or discretion, assistance is available from our elders or staff pastors.

Counseling is available in areas such as marriage and family trouble, financial difficulty, and spiritual needs. Referrals are provided to professional Christian counseling at reasonable rates when appropriate.


Some groups have formed in the church to offer support to people who face life-dominating challenges in their lives. New groups spring up as the needs and interest arise, and old groups are closed as their members go on to less structured support systems. Support groups are open to people who would not consider themselves ‘religious’ as well as to members of the church.

Support and recovery groups supplement our regular small group program, and often provide the door through which people come into church life.