Empowered Tools

Ever come up against something in your life that was just too hard for you? Have you ever encountered a dilemma with a friend that you felt helpless to find a solution? Often we know that God is the God of the impossible, but in the moment, that truth can seem just out of our reach. In those moments, we desire God to move in the supernatural, but we find that the “supernatural” can seem more like the “unnatural.” It feels unnatural for us to expect God to move according to his nature, according to the way we see him move through Jesus in the Bible. It can feel even more unnatural to expect him to move through our own vulnerable human frame. Accurate revelation, healing, miracles…are all things we expect to read in the Bible, but often don’t expect to see from day to day.

Experience can be a great teacher, except when it’s not. When we allow our past experiences (experiences that may be void of the supernatural) trump what God says in his Word about who he is and what he does, we miss out on something huge. The good news is that we can choose to change our perspective. We can choose to allow God’s Word to re-calibrate and transform our expectations. Rather than conforming, we will be transforming. As a byproduct, we see that our everyday life experience begins to change.

In the Empowered Tools series, we will explore the nine gifts or “tools” that the Spirit gives to believers in 1 Corinthians 12. These nine gifts are

  1. The Knowledge Gifts: word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and discerning of spirits.
  2. The Power Gifts: the gift of faith, healing, and miracles.
  3. The Speaking Gifts: prophecy, tongues, and interpretation of tongues.

Join us in this journey as we address some common misconceptions about how these gifts can function in the body of Christ and explore the purpose for each one. The Apostle Paul encourages us to “eagerly desire” these gifts. Therefore, we want to give you every opportunity to activate them in your life through the power of the Spirit living inside you!

Living Empowered,

Leigh Sloan
Executive Pastor of Communications